Replacement Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder for M5040HD with LA1153S Front End Loader

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Replacement Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder for M5040HD with LA1153S Front End Loader

Our Replacement Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder is designed for the M5040HD with LA1153S Front End Loader. It is an essential component for your machine to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Features and Benefits

Efficient Design

Our hydraulic tilt cylinder is designed for high efficiency, providing maximum performance for your machine. It is built with top-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.

High Load Capacity

The hydraulic tilt cylinder has a high load capacity, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. It is built to handle tough jobs and provide reliable performance.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our hydraulic tilt cylinder is easy to install and maintain. It comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions, making the installation process simple. The cylinder is also designed for easy maintenance, saving you time and money.

Improved Work Efficiency

The hydraulic tilt cylinder improves work efficiency by providing precise control over the tilt angle of your machine. It helps you to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Enhanced Operational Stability

The hydraulic tilt cylinder provides enhanced operational stability, helping to prevent accidents and improve safety. It ensures that your machine stays stable and secure, even on uneven terrain.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The hydraulic tilt cylinder helps to reduce maintenance costs by providing long-lasting performance and requiring minimal maintenance. It is a cost-effective solution for your machine's hydraulic system.

Working Principle

The hydraulic tilt cylinder works by using hydraulic pressure to move the piston inside the cylinder. The movement of the piston changes the angle of the loader bucket or attachment, allowing you to complete your tasks with ease.


The hydraulic tilt cylinder is suitable for a wide range of forklifts and work environments. It is particularly useful for heavy-duty applications, such as construction sites, warehouses, and factories.

Construction and Components

The hydraulic tilt cylinder is made up of several main components, including the cylinder body, piston, piston rod, seals, and hydraulic connections. The cylinder body is usually made of steel or aluminum, while the piston rod is made of high-strength steel.

Maintenance and Care

The hydraulic tilt cylinder requires regular maintenance to ensure long-lasting performance. This includes checking the hydraulic fluid levels, inspecting the seals and connections, and replacing any damaged or worn components. Regular maintenance will help to prevent costly breakdowns and keep your machine running smoothly.

Choosing the Right Cylinder

When choosing a hydraulic tilt cylinder, it is important to consider the type of forklift, work environment, and load requirements. You should choose a cylinder that is compatible with your machine and can handle the loads you will be carrying. If you are unsure, consult with a hydraulic specialist to ensure that you choose the right cylinder for your needs.

Safety Precautions

When using the hydraulic tilt cylinder, it is important to follow all safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries. This includes using the cylinder only as intended, ensuring that all components are properly installed and maintained, and wearing appropriate protective gear.

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