OEM custom made hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicle/forklift tilt dozer hydraulic tilt cylinder

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OEM custom made hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicle/forklift tilt dozer hydraulic tilt cylinder

The OEM custom made hydraulic cylinder for industrial vehicle/forklift tilt dozer hydraulic tilt cylinder is a high-quality and reliable product designed for use in industrial vehicles such as forklifts. This hydraulic cylinder is essential for the efficient operation of industrial vehicles, allowing for greater control and maneuverability.

Features and Benefits

Highly Efficient Design

The design of this hydraulic cylinder is highly efficient, providing superior performance and reliability. This allows for increased productivity and reduced downtime, resulting in a more efficient operation overall.

High Load Capacity

The hydraulic cylinder has a high load capacity, making it suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications. This allows for greater flexibility and versatility in the workplace.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The hydraulic cylinder is designed to be easy to install and maintain, with simple and straightforward procedures that can be easily carried out by maintenance personnel. This helps to reduce maintenance and repair costs and ensures that the hydraulic cylinder is always in optimal condition.

Improved Work Efficiency

The use of this hydraulic cylinder can help to improve work efficiency by providing greater control and precision in industrial vehicle operations. This results in faster and more accurate work, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks.

Enhanced Operation Stability

The hydraulic cylinder helps to enhance operation stability by providing greater stability and control in industrial vehicle operations. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents and increases workplace safety.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The hydraulic cylinder is designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for regular maintenance and repair. This helps to reduce maintenance costs and ensures that the hydraulic cylinder is always in optimal condition.

Working Principle

The forklift tilt cylinder works by using hydraulic pressure to move a piston, which in turn moves the forklift's tilt mechanism. The hydraulic pressure is generated by a pump, which is typically powered by the forklift's engine. As hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinder, it pushes the piston outwards, causing the tilt mechanism to move. When the hydraulic pressure is released, the piston is retracted and the tilt mechanism returns to its original position.


The forklift tilt cylinder is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial environments, including warehouses, factories, and construction sites. It is suitable for use with a variety of different forklift models, including both electric and diesel-powered machines.

Forklift Tilt Cylinder Application


The forklift tilt cylinder consists of several main components, including a cylinder barrel, piston, piston rod, seals, and a mounting flange. The cylinder barrel is the main body of the hydraulic cylinder, while the piston moves inside it. The piston rod is connected to the piston and extends through a seal in the cylinder barrel. The mounting flange is used to attach the hydraulic cylinder to the forklift.


The forklift tilt cylinder requires regular maintenance to ensure that it functions properly and remains in good condition. This includes regular inspections, cleaning, and lubrication of all components. It is also important to check for any signs of wear or damage and to replace any worn or damaged parts as soon as possible.

Selecting the Right Tilt Cylinder

When selecting a tilt cylinder for your forklift, it is important to consider factors such as the type of forklift, the working environment, and the load capacity requirements. It is also important to choose a tilt cylinder from a reputable manufacturer and to ensure that it meets all safety and quality standards.

Safety Considerations

When using a forklift tilt cylinder, it is important to follow all safety guidelines and procedures to avoid accidents and injuries. This includes regular inspections, proper maintenance, and careful operation of the forklift to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder is not overloaded or damaged.

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