Custom double acting hydraulic oil cylinder industrial vehicle/forklift tilt hydraulic cylinders

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Custom Double Acting Hydraulic Oil Cylinder Industrial Vehicle/Forklift Tilt Hydraulic Cylinders

The Custom Double Acting Hydraulic Oil Cylinder Industrial Vehicle/Forklift Tilt Hydraulic Cylinders is a hydraulic system that is designed to provide a smooth and efficient operation of industrial vehicles and forklifts. It is a vital component that helps in the proper functioning of the hydraulic system, which is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of the vehicles.

Features and Functions

Efficient Design

The hydraulic cylinder has been designed with a focus on efficiency. It has been engineered to deliver top-notch performance under various operating conditions, which helps in reducing energy loss and increasing operational efficiency.

High Load Capacity

The hydraulic cylinder is designed to handle high loads and provide maximum lifting capacity. It can withstand heavy loads without any deformation, ensuring safety and stability during the operation of the industrial vehicles and forklifts.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The hydraulic cylinder is easy to install and maintain, which saves time and money for the end-users. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance and repair.

Improved Work Efficiency

The hydraulic cylinder helps in improving the work efficiency of industrial vehicles and forklifts, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. It allows for precise and smooth movements, reducing downtime and increasing overall output.

Enhanced Operational Stability

The hydraulic cylinder helps in enhancing the operational stability of industrial vehicles and forklifts. It provides a smooth and stable lifting and tilting operation, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The hydraulic cylinder is low maintenance, which helps in reducing the overall maintenance costs for the end-users. It is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced replacement costs.

Working Principle

The forklift tilt cylinder works based on the hydraulic pressure created by the pump. The hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinder, which creates a force that is transmitted to the piston. The piston then moves, which causes the cylinder to expand or contract, resulting in the tilting or lifting of the industrial vehicle or forklift.


The forklift tilt cylinder is mainly used for tilting and lifting operations in industrial vehicles and forklifts. It is suitable for various types of forklifts, including electric, diesel, and gas-powered forklifts. It is also ideal for use in harsh working environments, such as warehouses, factories, and construction sites.

Forklift Tilt Cylinder Applications


The forklift tilt cylinder consists of several key components, including the barrel, piston, rod, seals, and end caps. The barrel is the main body of the cylinder, and it houses the piston and rod. The seals prevent leaks and ensure that the hydraulic fluid remains contained within the cylinder. The end caps provide a tight seal and hold the cylinder in place.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure the optimal performance of the forklift tilt cylinder, regular maintenance and care are essential. The cylinder should be inspected regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear. The hydraulic fluid should be changed at regular intervals, and the cylinder should be checked for leaks. Any damaged or worn-out parts should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage to the cylinder.

Choosing the Right Cylinder

Choosing the right forklift tilt cylinder depends on several factors, including the type of forklift, the working environment, and the load requirements. It is important to consult with a hydraulic system expert to determine the appropriate cylinder size, stroke length, and operating pressure for your specific needs.

Safety Measures

To ensure the safe operation of forklift tilt cylinders, it is important to follow all safety guidelines and regulations. Operators should be trained on the proper use of the hydraulic system, and any damaged or worn-out parts should be replaced immediately to prevent accidents and injuries.

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