China hydraulic cylinder Customized tractor parts double acting hydraulic oil cylinders

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China Hydraulic Cylinder Customized Tractor Parts Double Acting Hydraulic Oil Cylinders

The China Hydraulic Cylinder Customized Tractor Parts Double Acting Hydraulic Oil Cylinders are an essential component in a tractor's hydraulic system. These cylinders are designed to provide power to a variety of tractor parts, including the tilt cylinder, which allows the operator to adjust the angle of the forks or other attachments.

Product Features and Benefits

High Efficiency Design

Our hydraulic cylinders are designed to be highly efficient, providing maximum power output with minimal energy consumption. This not only saves on fuel costs but also reduces wear and tear on the tractor's engine and other components.

High Load Capacity

Our hydraulic cylinders are built to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions. They are capable of lifting and supporting heavy weights with ease, making them ideal for use in a variety of agricultural and industrial applications.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Our hydraulic cylinders are designed to be easy to install and maintain, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. They require minimal maintenance and can be quickly and easily serviced when necessary.

Improved Work Efficiency

By providing consistent power output and precise control, our hydraulic cylinders help to increase work efficiency and productivity. They allow the operator to perform tasks quickly and accurately, reducing the time and effort required to complete each task.

Enhanced Operational Stability

Our hydraulic cylinders are designed to provide smooth and stable operation, ensuring that the tractor operates safely and efficiently. They help to reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall performance and reliability.

Low Maintenance Costs

Our hydraulic cylinders are built to last, requiring minimal maintenance and repair. This helps to reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of the tractor's hydraulic system.

Working Principle

The forklift tilt cylinder works by converting hydraulic fluid pressure into mechanical force, which is then used to adjust the angle of the forks or other attachments. This is achieved through the use of a piston and cylinder arrangement, which moves the attached parts in a controlled and precise manner.


The forklift tilt cylinder is primarily used in forklifts and other similar vehicles to adjust the angle of the forks or other attachments. It is commonly used in agricultural and industrial applications to lift and move heavy loads. The cylinder is suitable for use in a variety of environments, including warehouses, factories, and construction sites.


The forklift tilt cylinder consists of several main components, including the cylinder body, piston, piston rod, seals, and hydraulic fluid. These components work together to provide smooth and reliable operation, with minimal maintenance required.


The forklift tilt cylinder requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes checking the fluid level, inspecting the seals for wear and damage, and cleaning the cylinder body and piston. Regular maintenance can help to prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of the cylinder.

Choosing the Right Cylinder

Choosing the right forklift tilt cylinder depends on several factors, including the type of forklift, the environment in which it will be used, and the load capacity required. It is important to select a cylinder that is compatible with the forklift's hydraulic system and that is rated to handle the required load capacity.

Safety Considerations

When working with hydraulic cylinders, it is important to follow proper safety procedures to avoid accidents and injuries. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, ensuring that the cylinder is properly installed and maintained, and avoiding overloading or misusing the cylinder.

Company Information

Our company, China Hydraulic Cylinder, is a leading provider of hydraulic cylinders in the Chinese market. We specialize in the design and production of a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, including tilt cylinders, lifting cylinders, boom cylinders, steering cylinders, and more. With a production capacity of 200,000 sets per year, we are well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition to our hydraulic cylinders, we also offer a range of other products, including high-altitude platform cylinders, industrial vehicle hydraulic cylinders, rotary drilling rig cylinders, crane hydraulic cylinders, engineering machinery hydraulic cylinders, mining dump truck cylinders, and sanitation machinery hydraulic cylinders. We welcome custom orders and can work with customers to design and produce cylinders that meet their specific needs.